2015 Stream-bank Restoration Planning and Mapping

Fall River Stream-bank and Riparian Restoration Two of the most concerning watershed-wide limiting factors for healthy wild trout populations on the Fall River are stream-bank erosion and the lack of riparian vegetation. Riparian vegetation is locally sparse, and banks are actively eroding due to decades of heavy grazing, lack of stabilizing plants and burrowing by …Read More

New Vision, New Leadership and New Reasons to Give!

Introducing New FRC Board President Dave Powell, Sr. The start of fishing season and the start of spring always represent a shift in mindset and activity. With the Fall River Conservancy, this change is welcome and represents new opportunities to expand our conservation reach while reflecting upon the roots that have been laid down to …Read More

FRC Wild Trout Monitoring Program Reveals Two Genetically Distinct Rainbow Trout Populations

Round 4 of PIT Tagging and Genetic Analysis: 1000 Wild Trout Tagged to Date Before the start of the 2014 fishing season began, the Fall River Conservancy and its partners California Trout, the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife successfully completed round 4 of tagging wild trout …Read More

Invasive Muskrats and FRC Management Actions

Muskrats: An Invasive Species to the Fall River One of the factors leading to the degradation of the water quality in The Fall River and damage to grazing and rice fields is the presence of Muskrats.  Muskrats are not native to Northern California.  They were introduced in the early twentieth century by fur traders, some …Read More

FRC Looks Forward to Research and Management Actions 2014

2014 Management Decisions Grounded in Research and Science Many important programs implemented by the Fall River Conservancy in 2012 and 2013 are research orientated and are designed to help inform the discussion of what limiting factors are impacting the ecosystem and watershed of the Fall River. The Fall River Conservancy follows the model that best …Read More

Successful Year One of P.I.T. Wild Trout Monitoring Program

Watch Video on Fall River PIT Program!  https://vimeo.com/65069455 This project was funded by The Orvis Company. Learn more about their conservation efforts here: https://www.orvis.com/commitment FRC Wild Trout Monitoring Program In 2013 the Fall River Conservancy partnered with the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, PG&E, California Department of Fish and Wildlife and California Trout to develop the …Read More

FRC and Chico State Complete Year 1 of Z-Grass Propagation Research

FRC Funds Chico State to Research Z-Grass Restoration Strategies in Fall River In 2013 the Fall River Conservancy partnered with the Chico State Department of Biological Sciences to discover new methodologies of restoring Zannicheliia palustris (Z-grass) in the Fall River. Lead researcher Dr. Kristina Schierenbeck led a team of researchers on year one of a …Read More

FRC and California Trout Improve Island Road River Access

Conservation Partners FRC and California Trout (CalTrout) worked together throughout 2013 to develop a plan,  fund and implement a multistage property and ecosystem improvement plan on the CalTrout Island Road property. Improvements made this year to the property will add to the experience of those CalTrout members who frequently use the property, and also help …Read More