Taken from DFG Wild Trout Managment Plan (R. Micheal, 1986)

Prior to 1950, the public was generally permitted fishing access to the Fall River. A float trip along its 20-mile course was considered one of California’s finest trout angling experiences.

In the early 1950’s, however, landowners began closing the river to the general public by posting their property against trespass and placing barriers across the stream to prevent boat movement.

They also placed snag wires alongside county roads and bridges, effectively preventing anglers from fishing from these public thoroughfares. Fishing on Fall River thus became restricted to riparian landowners, their guests and those few people who could afford to purchase fishing privileges.

Navigability Established

In 1958, a campaign was begun to have the river declared a navigable stream. In 1964, the Shasta County District Attorney filed suit in Shasta County Superior Court to halt the practice of impeding public navigation on the waterway.

The court proceedings resulted in a May 1970 Memorandum of Opinion declaring Fall River legally navigable for fishing below the south boundary of Section 19, Township 38 north, Range 4 East (Zereda Jensen property).

Special Regulations

In 1971, the Fish and Game Commission established a two-trout limit for Fall River and Spring Creek to protect the wild trout resource.

In December 1972, the Commission designated all of Fall River for special management and habitat protection as one the original 16 streams in the Commission’s Wild Trout Program.

Another restriction, limiting fishing to artificial lures only (includes flies) upstream from Island Road Bridge was instituted in 1974 to reduce mortality of fish that were caught and released.

In 1982, restriction to a single barbless hook was added to the lure area above the Island Road Bridge.

The Department of Fish and Game has not stocked hatchery trout in Fall River above the PG&E Forebay since 1956 and the last experimental plant of hatchery trout the Big Lake area was made in 1973.