2015 Stream-bank Restoration Planning and Mapping

Fall River Stream-bank and Riparian Restoration

Two of the most concerning watershed-wide limiting factors for healthy wild trout populations on the Fall River are stream-bank erosion and the lack of riparian vegetation. Riparian vegetation is locally sparse, and banks are actively eroding due to decades of heavy grazing, lack of stabilizing plants and burrowing by introduced muskrats.

Habitat Restoration Objectives

  1. Improve and protect water quality and quantity
  2. Sustain and improve aquatic and riparian (river bank) habitat
  3. Restore and improve stream channel and river bed
  4. Improve health and abundance of wild trout populations and other priority species

2014/2015 Fall River Conservancy Actions: 

In 2014 the Fall River Conservancy began work towards implementing stream-bank restoration efforts on the Fall River:

  1. Developed Fall River Conservancy stream-bank restoration committee
  2. Completed pilot restoration project on the CalTrout Island Road property
  3. Mapped important reaches of the Fall River for priority restoration sites
  4. Developed a comprehensive list of all potential riparian restoration projects
  5. Assessed permitting and environmental documentation needs

2015 Stream-bank Restoration:

In 2015, the Fall River Conservancy will prioritize stream-bank restoration projects for implementation based on those sites with the most severe degradation issues and that have the potential to have the greatest impact on the river. We will then work with the community, landowners and our project partners to develop the scope of the projects and ensure they meet the needs of all river uses. With projects developed, we will complete environmental permitting needs towards implementing our top priority sites in 2015.

With your continued support and funding we will be able to make to the long-term conservation and ecological health of the Fall River in 2015 and beyond. Look for future news updates that will inform you about the river restoration projects we will implement in 2015.

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