Orvis Commits $10,000 to Fall River Restoration

According to CEO Perk Perkins, “Fly fishing is the core of the Orvis Company.”  In 2010, Orivs is backing up their words with a significant contribution to the Fall River Conservancy for protection and restoration of native trout and wildlife habitat.

The donation will focus on restoring stream banks and aquatic habitat  by managing the spread of invasive species such as Eurasion milfoil and the rapid spread of a non-native muskrat population.

The Fall River is California’s largest cold-water spring system.  Consistent temperatures, nutrient-rich water, and unique habitat support an abundance of large wild trout and  migrating waterfowl.  The river also supports highly productive agricultural and hydropower operations.

Orvis and the Fall River Conservancy plan to work with the local community to carry out a conservation program that protects both the cultural heritage of the valley and the natural resources that drive the local economy.  As Perkins reminds us, “If we are to benefit from the use of our natural resources then we must be willing to act to preserve them.”

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