FRC Wraps Up 2011 Grants

YSI Testing Equipment
Water Quality Monitoring Equipment Purchased with Grant Funding from the Shasta Regional Community Foundation
Photo Credit: Val Atkinson

In 2011, FRC received grant funding from the Shasta Regional Community Foundation (SRCF, McConnell Fund), the Orvis Company, and the Rose Foundation. We’re proud to report that all of these grants supported successful projects and helped us build capacity as a local organization working to protect the lands, waters, and cultural heritage of the Fall River Valley.

Specifically, SRCF funds were used to purchase critical water quality monitoring equipment and develop watershed wide geographic information system (GIS) maps.  Orvis funds were utilized to build riparian fencing that will keep unrestricted cattle from destroying sensitive stream banks and native vegetation.   Rose Foundation funds were used to coordinate and educate the local community about issues that will affect the future health of the Fall River.

Combined, all three of these grants allowed FRC to carry out our mission in 2011.  Most importantly, we used the funds to build public and private partnerships in the valley with key organizations including the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, the Fall River Resource Conservation District, the Department of Fish and Game, the USDA Agricultural Research Service and Wildlife Service, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Fall River Wild Rice Association, and California Trout.

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