Circle 7 Guest Ranch Partners with FRC to Restore Wild Trout Habitat

New Cattle Exclusion Fencing will Protect Stream Banks at the Circle 7 Ranch

This fall, FRC and the Circle 7 Guest Ranch formed a partnership to begin restoring the stream bank along their 3.5 acres of the river front property.

FRC used grant funding to match a generous contribution from owner-operator Dan Smith.  With the combined funding, Smith constructed over one mile of fencing that will help keep cattle from destroying the stream bank.

“It’s the right thing to do,” says Dan Smith, “the Smith family believes in contributing to the welfare of the river and we’re glad to work with FRC on protecting important habitat.”

The Circle 7 Ranch is approximately 700 acres and has been a working ranch for over 40 years.  This successful partnership between Circle 7 and FRC demonstrates how simple it can be to protect the river while also maintaining a working cattle ranch.


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